“Open NOLA” Mini Grant Agreement

  • I, above-named Grantee (“Grantee”), in consideration of being awarded “Open NOLA” mini-grant funding (“Award”) by the New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund (“NOTCF”), hereby confirms its agreement to and acknowledgement of the following terms and conditions, in addition to the NOTCF Funding Terms and Conditions, which Grantee has signed and provided to NOTCF:

    1. Award. Grantee shall use its Award for the purchase of protective equipment, such as plexiglass, so as to adhere to guidelines/recommendations as prescribed on the State’s website opensafely.la.gov personnel costs related COVID compliance and/or for paying musicians or other talent, as the case may be, in connection with the hosting of live performances such as music, comedy, or the spoken word, as set forth in the Grantee’s Award Letter.

    1. Recognition. Grantee agrees it shall affix stickers with NOTCF’s branding (provided by NOTCF) to the protective equipment and/or on an appropriate space at the venue (excluding restrooms), such as on a window. Grantee agrees it shall provide photographs or digital images of the protective equipment purchased with the Award, with the NOTCF stickers displayed, to NOTCF with its Performance Report.

    1. Talent. Grantee confirms that the following persons will be hired as musicians or talent in connection with the Award:

    1. Amount Paid. Grantee confirms that the amount to be paid to the musicians or talent is:

    1. Performance Date. Grantee confirms that the date of the performance will be:

  • The undersigned signatory certifies that the signatory is a duly elected officer or authorized representative of the Grantee that, as such, is authorized to obligate the Grantee to fulfill these additional terms and conditions in connection with the Award.

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