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Third Annual

NOTCF Honors Gala

On Saturday, January 11, 2025, New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund (NOTCF) will host its 3rd annual NOTCF Honors Gala. This event will channel revelry, promote inclusiveness, and create an immersive cultural experience celebrating our people, their contributions and dedication to tailoring the colorful fabric of New Orleans! The gala will take place at the Mardi Gras World.

During the gala, we will bestow honors to artists in following 8 categories:

Emerging Artist
1 Honoree
Established Artist

1 Honoree in each of the following 6 cultural sectors:

  1. CULINARY ARTS – Food-related cultural products, specialty food products, local non-chain restaurant & cafe, Culinary Instructor, Food Manufacturer, Specialty Food Shop, Mobile Vendor, Farm & Community Garden, Chef, and/or Caterer

  2. DESIGN – Individual designers and firms involved in the communication arts such as Graphic Designer, Technology, Game/Product Designer, Web Designer/Programmer, Fashion Designer, Costume Designer, Event Designer, Set Designer, Parade Float Designer, and Advertising/PR

  3. ENTERTAINMENT – The performing arts (music, theater, and dance), individual performers and the Film industries, Actor, Comedian, Dancer, Indians, Marching Club, Musician, Social Aid & Pleasure Club, Film Production, Recording Studio, Music Instructors, and Tour Guides
    1. LITERARY ARTS AND HUMANITIES – Individual Writers/Editors, books, periodicals, and newspaper publishing, Print Media, Web-based Media, Creative Writer, Blogger, Spoken Word Performer, Journalist, Bookstores, Libraries, and Publishing

    2. PRESERVATION – Building arts and economic activities focused on the restoration and redevelopment of the built environment including architecture, landscape architecture, and a percentage of construction activity focused on preservation and renovation, Building Arts Instructor, Architect, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, Master/Preservation Craftsman

    3. VISUAL ARTS AND CRAFTS – Individual artists and craftspeople as well as the galleries and museums that present cultural products, Visual Artist, Photographer, Craft or Fold artist, Jewelry Maker, Art Instructor, Art Gallery, Art Museum, Art Market & Festival, Art Supplier

    Lifetime Achievement
    1 Honoree

    Nominating Committee

    The nominating committee will consist of individuals from the New Orleans cultural/business community and will vote on the slate of nominees.

    Guidelines for Nominations

    1. New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund (NOTCF) employees and board members are precluded from being nominated for any category.
    2. Nominating committee members are precluded from being nominated for any category.
    3. City of New Orleans’ Office of Cultural Economy employees are precluded from being nominated for any category.
    4. Failure to respond to all questions voids the nomination and will not be considered for recognition in any of the categories.
    5. Winners must be willing to participate in a recorded interview that will be displayed on the evening of the gala. Winners must also be willing to have their headshots displayed for promoting the gala.
    6. One nomination per form submitted
    7. Winners will receive 1 complimentary ticket to the gala.

    Application Review Process

    Applications will be reviewed and scored using a matrix that consists of 5 questions. Scores will be calculated in an objective and uniform manner minimizing decisions being subject to interpretations or personal experiences.

    Nominations Deadline

    Nominations must be submitted using the form below by midnight, Monday, July 1, 2024.